How To Protect Your Martial Arts Business With Domain Names

This is George Fourie, from Martial Arts Media Today, I’d like to discuss how to protect your name in martial arts. Via domain names or social media handles. This is a question that I often get, so let’s answer it. Let me show you an example scenario. It was brought up yesterday. I was speaking to one of the Martial Arts Media Academy members regarding building them a new It’s not about the new’s about building a new website with a bit of a brand name change, so there’s this A bit of a shuffle is taking place, when they have to make a name-change, which clearly means

So here’s the ideal scenario: when you look at a domain name, you want to try and get something that’s really going to match your Brand name Sometimes, it can be difficult. It can be a little tricky if your brand name has more than 4 or 5 words. There are many things that could throw your domain name off course. You can use numbers and hyphens to indicate your intentions. Because let’s say you’ve got numbers, 6-0for example in your domain name: every time you mention your domain name to someone, you’re You’ll need to use 60, 6-0, or the numbers. Or is it 60?? So you’re always going to have that additional explanation that you’re going to need to clarify.

What’s going on with your domain name. Another is hyphens. You can now get a hyphen for your, so let’s say martialarts-yourarea, then I want to ask why do you need the dash? Do you think it’s because someone else has martialartsinyourarea? Do you want to put it all in one word, or do you try to break it down into words? If you don’t have, then it is not a problem. Both, it’s not a good idea. If someone else has martialartsinyourarea then that is also a means When someone types it in, they forget to include the hyphen. That they’re going to your competitor’s website.

OK? Avoid any type of hyphenation. Of – well, that’s about the only character that you can add, because that creates confusion In the mind. Let s take a look at s a little further. Let’s look at what’s the ideal domain to get and what’s the ideal name for your area. In the days of search engine optimization, this was the case. It is very common to register a domain name in the area you wish to rank on Google. You want the keyword to rank high in search engines. Need to have, let’s speak, martialartsinyourarea. For example.

So the logic was great in that, in the old, We’d Search to Optimize and Be at the Top in Google. But it’s not very relevant. Today is not the best time. It can be a catchy catch, but it is not a good idea. While it might be nice to have a domain like that, it is better to keep it the same. Your brand and create an authority website. You should put lots of content on it to make it rank. You can rank for these keywords naturally if you just combine them in The titles and other things. By the way, if interested in a SEO Training, I am busy preparing an SEO, just a basic training for Academy members It was something I thought about making available to this group.

If you are interested, leave a comment below the video to let me know where you saw it. We’ will put it together, You can also share it with this group. Okay, let’s get back to the domain. Name, what do I need? Brand, brandable domain, something that’s easy is something that is easy to identify, remember, spell and spell. What about the extension? So you’ve got .com, then obviously you’ve got your local domain, so you’ve got,, and all this. Look around: the vast global domain worldNames,.com still reigns supreme, OK? So, .com is still king, but it’s not for you as a local martial artist. Arts school, you want to get your country.

Domain. You want domain. If you’re in the US, that’s awesome, .com is going to do, but for the most part, you want your own domain name. Why? Because people want to know who you are. Local business is right? If I look at a domain, what do I see? It’s a martial arts school, but it’s But it still has that international feel. It’s local business, so you will want You can also get if you are able to. Make sure that you create your website on your own.

Core domain names, so your local domain. Let’s have your say. Someone has martialartsinyourarea, and someone else is building on yourareamartialarts. So… sorry, martialaartsyourbusinessname, so martialarts, hang on, OK: right, martialartsyourarea, that’s the one domain that is available. Then, someone else has yourareamartialarts. So just swap around. Also, be careful. It’s easy for people to get confused between the two. So if it’s not a brandable name, that’s your Name, and then people can mix it up.

Is it martialartsyourarea or yourareamartialarts? If you don’t own either, I wouldn’t hesitate to build a domain like this. To move on to domain extensions: When are unavailable, people begin to lean towards these little sites. Tricky ones, .biz and. Website and all these fancy extensions that haven’t really takeoff yet and people aren’t really familiar with them. Believe me, they will. Might go type, or something because people aren’t that used To them right now. For me, I’m in a different place.

I’d buy up those domains for different extensions, So if I wanted to refer to our academy for example, I would buy the domain namemartialartsmedia. Academy, we’ve got. Community, .website, .group – so we use that as shorteners, But again, the entire domain name is on the core brand. That’s cool, I hope it helps with domain names. One thing I didn’t touch on is the social Media handles. Try to get them again. Scenario, right? If your domain name matches whatever, it is possible.

Your social media makes branding easier.

In my case, it’s Martial Arts Media. My Facebook, I had to remove the s from it, so Martial Art Media. Instagram is a little shorter, so I had Martial Art Media is also recommended. Be congruent because the last You want your Facebook profile to say martial arts is your business. Instagram declares martial arts, 27498. Nobody’s ever going to remember 27948, so pay attention to the little things. It will help you build a stronger foundation. It positions you and protects from the competition. The last thing you want is, you’ve got the Domain name, and some guy kind of catches on.

And he’s attempting to be spiteful, and he goes Registers your social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. The more you do to protect your brand, the better. The better your internet positioning, the better. We ‘hope this helps. In another video. If you’ve got any questions about websites, email me or leave a comment about Martial Arts Media Academy. Send me a message. Thank you – I will be in touch with you shortly. Cheers!.

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