How to Transfer a Domain Name To a New Hosting Provider

This video will show you how to transfer your domain name from one place to the other.

Name cheap. Nowadays, most people use Go Daddy as their first choice. I do not think they are the best company to register domain names. But, they do give you a domain privacy free of charge. You can also renew this domain privacy at no additional cost. There are many places you could register your domain name. This video will focus on how to do it.

You won’t see me because I can show the 50 companies where your domain could be registered. However, the process will work for all of them.

You can enter a domain address right now, it’s not mine, it’s someone else who knows their domain name sums. I can show you the domain name now. If you want specific instructions for your situation, I can show you the documents for name cheap.

It is a requirement that the domain you want to move cannot have been registered or transferred less than 60 calendar days ago.

The admin contact and that’s a name and email address and an address and there’s an email address there and so you need to be able to receive emails at that email address because what happens in this process an email to verify things is going to go to that email address and so what this means is if you have privacy enabled on your domain name Jürgen it temporarily has to disable that very that privacy feature that you might have purchased your NAFTA disable that in your, and I want to make sure that that email addresses in some dummy email address you might’ve put, and it’s a real email address that’s going to go to you, so this is what happens okay so here I am I’m on name chief I put the domain name in, and it’s given me some information so right now under it tells you where the domain names registered.

Go Daddy will tell you if your domain is locked. This is because it has the privacy turned off. It will show you the email address if it does not have that privacy.

If a domain name that is all pretty much ready to go it’s meeting these requirements it’s older than 60 days it not doesn’t have privacy turned on its unlocked I know I’m good to go now let’s go back to those instructions, so this is really that first step of what you need it’s pretty simple basic stuff there okay so now what you need to do is where your domain name currently is you need to get something called an EPP code, or it might be referred to as an authorization code so there you to give you this code in Jürgen and need to put that in for example where is it’85 Right here you’re gonna need to put that code in right here so then what happens is when you get that authorization code you pasted in here you can check out pay for the domain name and then an email is going to be sent.

This is what she will do. She will verify that your email is in the owner. Once that’s done, your domain name will transfer within 30 minutes to up to five business days, depending on the source.

If you click on any of these names, the results will come up. Here are some examples.

While the domain name privacy is off, number two, you receive your authorization code via email from the administrative contact. This allows you to transfer domain names to any location.

It was possible that they didn’t provide it back, but it took them a while to do so.

You won’t have any downtime, so I wouldn’t worry about that soap. Anyway, this video is about how easy it can be to transfer domain names. I recommend name cheap and have a link down below. If you have any questions, I will answer them.

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