The Chinese Domain Name Scam that Could Cost You $176!

Mike, your marketing techie is back with a new scam video. Unfortunately, I received an email from a Chinese domain registrar a few days ago. It went like this: The initial email begins with a parenthesis sentence. This email requests that you send it to your CEO. This is how to get an email to the CEO. You find the email address in the footer. Send a message. Direct access to their email inbox. On August 7, China’s largest domain name registration and solutions center, we will be there.

2017 Two days before I received the email, we received an application. I’m not going. I don’t want it to butcher this. They request that I use the keyword of a domain I own for their internet keyword. China domain names media exploded CN Media Expo com CN Media Expo org top CN Media Expo org top CN. So, supposedly these companies want to buy media exploded a bunch of Chinese extensions. However, after we check, this name conflicts with your company’s trademark or name.

It doesn’t matter if there are relations with the Chinese company.

It didn’t help that I also noticed that every page on China registry net was static HTML. I did a quick view of source and noticed that only the first few lines of the domain were affected.

Name registrars websites show that they might have used HT-t track to steal this website design and then copy it into here. However, I agreed to play along and said that this information was very interesting to me. Mr. Jerry Zhang emailed me back two days later. Dear Mike, we have already advised them that they choose another name that is appropriate to their company, but they insist on this name since China domain names media explodes. We expose icons en web dot and our audience.

They are apparently buying the whole internet keyword. We believe they may be doing the same business as your company. However, your company has not registered this name as China keywords and domain names. Anyone can register them, but the original owner or conflict-betrayed mark will have priority.

Name an internet keyword during the dispute period. If your company is the original owner, and you want to register the entire list of domain names again and Internet keywords to prevent anyone from using them, please let us know. We can send you an application for free to help your company register domain names and Internet keywords during the dispute period. Naturally, I said yes.

You can type anything into the contact form to find out what names are available. Unfortunately, there is no functional search.

You can actually use reputable domain registrars to go out to buy your dot CN, net dub CN or if it’s the end of domain name extensions.

Continue with the email or go to GoDaddy comm to buy domain names.

Here are all other domain name frauds that I’ve discussed on this channel. Make sure to check those out in the description. See you soon

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