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STOP Using GoDaddy!! 😡

I feel like this is like a 12-step program for godaddy users like if you’ve been hurt by godaddy this is the video to watch if you’re using godaddy for domains or web products you may not realize you’re being robbed you need to stop using godaddy and here’s why so what is godaddy well godaddy is a top marketplace to buy domains web hosting.

Email hosting any sort of web product you would use to build your website they were founded in 1997 and you may know them from their super bowl ads or aggressive online marketing over the years so why is godaddy relevant well godaddy is sort of like the walmart of web products that’s because they spend a lot of money on marketing to keep a.

Clean image and get the general public to recognize them i happen to think they have one of the best looking websites i’ve ever seen and i don’t say that lightly i’m pretty particular about uis and visuals and godaddy does a great job they’re expert marketers at getting their site to look very engaging and appealing it’s apparent that godaddy has.

A huge user base by the brand recognition they have it begs the question how could something be wrong with godaddy i mean they have to be doing something right for all these people to be using them right first godaddy is overcharging you for basic web products and you may not know what a fair price even is this.

Continues in their sea of upsells where they’re trying to sell you products you don’t need and make it seem like a big deal oh don’t you want privacy protection for 10 a year we promise it’ll keep your domain from being hacked well you may not even know that the main way to protect your domain name from compromise is to stop people from.

Logging into your domain registrar account so if you buy a domain from godaddy you have a username and password on your godaddy account and you can also enable two-factor authentication for free but godaddy is just blindly trying to tell people hey if you want extra security on your domain pay us 10 a year or whatever it is for their advanced.

Privacy protection it’s evolved over the years but they’re still doing it they’re charging you for things you shouldn’t be paying for like ssl certificates and godaddy is the only domain registrar i’ve ever seen that will list domain prices monthly depending on the price sometimes it’s annual sometimes it’s monthly but in the domain industry.

Everything operates in annual payments you pay for a year of your domain name period regardless of where you register it but godaddy is playing the shady game of saying for only three dollars a month you could have this domain name but you might say okay christian sure godaddy charges a lot of money but isn’t that valid if they have really good service i.

Mean you yourself just said they have one of the best looking websites out there and everybody knows about godaddy so it has to be good right right no i mean their dashboard is atrocious have you ever even tried to change name servers in the godaddy dashboard i have never seen such an incompetent interface.

Where i’m scratching my head and i’m frustrated left wondering how do i just change the name servers and point my domain to my web hosting you know what producer matthew over here does not use godaddy i mean he’s used it in the past but it’s been a while since he’s used godaddy now i’ve just tried this the other day so i sort of know how you.

Change a name server but producer matthew it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it yeah i haven’t used godaddy in years probably yeah so let you know let’s get you over here okay so i’m in the dashboard.

Um and wow this is dumbed down uh is this a domain that we’re using yes okay uh manage domain maybe use my domain contact information who is privacy.

And use my domain does that do anything oh nope that’s a self-flow page they’re gonna try to get you to buy hosting or buy a website builder maybe it’s in their dns manage zones uh okay ah.

Name servers that’s interesting uh hello okay connect my domain to website i’ve built you what do i do i just select wordpress or.

Connect oh this is probably wordpress oh yeah this is wordpress.com uh okay going back name servers change ah there it is oh my goodness so why is changing a setting like this so difficult i mean you just saw godaddy has a beautiful.

Website the buttons are elegant everything looks clean and nice surely they know what they’re doing with ui design and they do they’re designing it this way on purpose the entire godaddy system is knit together so that you’ll get frustrated and end up just buying the godaddy website builder like hey if you have a godaddy domain it’s so easy.

To connect it to the godaddy website builder and use that to build your website or hey if you’re set on wordpress haha lucky for you godaddy sells wordpress hosting and of course they’re going to make it super easy to connect your domain name to wordpress hosting and look it’s not bad for this to be a thing with a domain registrar i.

Mean most any domain registrar sells web hosting and maybe a website builder and they’re all going to make it easy to connect your domain from that registrar to the website builder of the same company that’s sort of standard but what isn’t standard is trying to make changing your name servers to something else.

Hard i have never seen a domain registrar before who’s intentionally trying to stop you from pointing your domain to another web host because they just don’t want you to do it they want you to spend more money on them now it’s not exactly wrong for a company to want customers to buy multiple products from them but the quality of godaddy products.

Is just so bad and don’t expect godaddy’s other products to be that great either the same concept applies of overcharging and under delivering to their web hosting and their website builder i have reviews for both of these products on my channel the manage wordpress hosting is actually among the best godaddy hosting i’ve ever tried i.

Have seen their products improving and i’ve legitimately noticed the experience get refined and more intuitive over the years i think there are people at godaddy on certain teams that really mean well and they do want to make the product as good as it can be but unfortunately no matter how good a team makes a particular product like the.

Managed wordpress hosting which i’m kind of a fan of it’s still godaddy it’s still being sold by the company that’s gonna try and charge you for things that you don’t need get you to pay way too much for a particular product and no amount of good and that sea of bad is ever worth pursuing now let’s talk customer support the customer support at.

Godaddy is generally terrible the live chat is just bad the reps can never seem to understand your problem and you’re having to over explain or repeat yourself they don’t speak very clearly that’s just a poor experience now the phone support is rather interesting because if you call godaddy you’re sure to experience not very long hold times.

Which is great and also the reps speak very clearly they’re easy to understand so in other words you call godaddy you get to talk to someone relatively quickly they’re clear speakers it seems promising you’re kind of going great i think this is going to be a pretty good support experience but unfortunately in my experience i’ve noticed that the reps.

Are more sales people than support people yeah they’re smooth talkers and they’ll chat you up and say hey tell me about what you’re doing what is your business what do you sell what do you make they act very interested in you because they’re trying to sell you more products they’ll say hey have you tried the godaddy website builder it’s got an.

Online store we can help you sell your product and they’re quick to identify products that they want you to buy but as soon as you say oh no i’m actually just calling about this technical issue then the holds start you’re constantly put on hold they have to look stuff up they’re usually not very helpful and i’ve also seen this pattern of godaddy.

Phone reps trying to turn it around and put it on you and basically tell you well you’re doing something wrong oh yeah you’re using wordpress well wordpress is not a godaddy product so even though you have wordpress web hosting yeah you’re just gonna have to figure it out i i’ve seen them make up crap like.

This and just it it’s almost like they’re masters at manipulation like they try and flip things and genuinely make you feel like oh ooh yeah i’m the problem here i just did something wrong that’s unacceptable it’s nonsense it’s absolute crap no web host or domain.

Registrar should ever be treating you this way it should be i’m so sorry you’re experiencing this issue let’s figure out the solution i passionately hold a grudge against godaddy because i’ve seen so many business owners spend a lot of money on godaddy products just to have a lackluster website that’s ultimately hurting their business in the.

Long run i’ve been making videos on web products and domains for years so the topic of godaddy has come up in many of my videos and i can’t tell you how many comments i’ve read from business owners who either say oh my goodness i was with godaddy for years everything you said is true i am so happy i switched away or people who.

Haven’t bought a domain name yet and they say thank you for saving me i’ve watched your videos i’ve read the comments of other people and read their experiences and i’m so glad i avoided this pothole and this mistake of going into the godaddy ecosystem so next time you’re gathered around the dinner table at thanksgiving and uncle jim is telling.

You yeah just go down to godaddy and get you a domain and some web hosting for your blog that you keep saying you want to start you can say no i ain’t doing this i watched a crayoner made video i learned that godaddy is horrible uncle jim you’re not using godaddy are you please tell me you’re.

Not using godaddy if you’re using godaddy we need to get your domain transferred somewhere else you’re going to tell the whole world don’t use godaddy stop stop please just just do everybody a favor and let’s normalize using anybody other than godaddy so who else should you use yeah so who else should you use that is a.

Great question i would say namecheap and porkbun are great options i also have an entire domain name registrar comparison you can watch covering many options but namecheap and porkbun are two companies that i prefer namesheep is a great one-stop shop if you want domains and web hosting and email hosting all under one roof you can do that at namecheap.

And get a really great value or if you’re simply after getting a cheap domain name and you’re gonna buy web hosting elsewhere or use say squarespace or wix to build your website porkbone is a great option they have some of the cheapest domain names in the industry but they still deliver high quality service and that begs the question what.

Should you look for in a domain registrar it should be a mix of value features and customer support you don’t necessarily want to go for the cheapest domain name out there i want to stress that although i’ve been really hard on godaddy’s pricing i’m not against a company charging more for something if they can deliver a level of service that.

Makes it worth the extra money and a company like namecheap i think is a great example of that namecheap is not the cheapest company out there they’re sort of middle of the road with pricing they offer a great mix of value features and great customer support so you’re going to be in good hands and you’re not going to have a frustrating experience.

And if you already have a domain name at godaddy don’t panic because you can actually transfer it out to any registrar unsurprisingly godaddy doesn’t make this a very easy process but it’s also not rocket science there’s nothing technical or scary about it you’ve just got to get in that panel and you’ve got to find the authorization code so that.

You can give that to your new domain registrar you’re transferring to and they can take possession of that domain name the only caveat here is if your domain name is newer than 60 days meaning you bought it less than two months ago you are not able to transfer it out from godaddy until it’s been 60 days and this is actually not something.

To be angry at godaddy for because this is not something that they are doing specifically this is a regulation from icann which is the organization that regulates domain names they say that a domain should be at a registrar for 60 days before it is transferred to another registrar so that is actually one thing although it’s very frustrating it’s not.

Really go daddy’s fault and although godaddy is annoying your domain name will be fine living at godaddy for a few more months you can point it to wherever you need to i mean look godaddy products are functional it’s just a very very frustrating experience so if you’ve used godaddy i would love to know your.

Experience in the comments below also be sure to check out my domain name registrar comparison to learn the best place to buy a domain name for your needs with that said i will catch you guys next time

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