What is Better, Brand or Keyword Domain?

For a new business either on digital marketing or physical existence, branding part comes in the first place. New companies agencies and consultancies starting up their businesses have wide range of options available for branding themselves. They can go for keyword converted URL brand name system or get specific domain donated their brand for their SEO.

When asked many digital marketing web designing companies fail to provide any accurate answer to this question to new businesses. Thus they are in a constant dilemma about what to choose from. Here there are certain advantages of both the systems and it is up to new companies to decide which one suits them.

Establishing and building strong brand is essential to grab market, and company or agency carries the same brand with itself wherever it goes. Thus for digital marketing, finding URL matching with the brand name can be an excellent combination for the consultancy because of

  • Short name from URL selection helps in remembering it easily.
  • It defines professionalism of the company
  • Established brand and URL name make it easy for company to bring it into the focus of digital market and customers.
  • URL brand make find its niche in the market due to its unique URL, brand combination.
  • It looks free of imitation and feels accurate and original.

Finding attached brand name is also beneficial in case digital marketing company strives to make and keep brand for a longer period of time or may be forever. This ways having established URL branded domain is wise option to choose from. On Technocratic blog site, many agencies are using domain as of their brand names. This way by putting specific content on the page and getting many links, customers could be made to visit that specific keyword site.

Now, what if company wants to use keyword rich content as its brand name? Well, the keyword concept works well when new company has an expertise in any sector of the industry. The brand will work well if consultancy wishes to invest on its core competency in industry.

On the other hand for specific digital marketing user consultancies, who want to invite and attract more traffic toward any particular web page, keyword domain works well.

From digital marketing companies perspective, if keyword domain happens to match their brand name, they get more traffic on their website which will ultimately make their ranking better. This way it is not only about building brand rather inviting more people to the site and promoting any product or service.

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