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It is more difficult than simply looking for the lowest price. Although cost is a major factor, many registrars offering low rates do not offer privacy protection. This means that your personal contact information will be publicly available on the global ICANN registry. This service should be considered when choosing a registrar to protect you.

Many registrars have multiple roles. This allows you to host, design, and register your domain in one package. When choosing a service, be sure to consider your specific situation. Also, remember that the introductory rates don’t carry over to when it is time to renew. To help you choose the right domain registrar for your business, we compared the top domain registrars.

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Domain registrars must do one thing. They need to let you select and register the domain name that will be used for your website. It is helpful if they offer DDoS protection or other security measures. This guide places a strong emphasis on price, along with factors such as free WHOIS protection. The domain registrar should be able to connect customer domains with websites. This can be done via a knowledge base, or by the customer support team.

WHOIS Privacy Is Important

It is the non-profit corporation responsible for maintaining the security of the internet and the naming structure. Anyone who registers domain names must provide correct contact information. This includes name, address, email, and phone number. Some people are uncomfortable with the public disclosure of this information.

The domain registrars have found a way for you to keep your information safe while still providing ICANN the information they require. These domain privacy features replace you information with that of the registrar, at least publicly. Anyone can search for a domain name registered, so domain privacy can help reduce spam and keep you safe.

What is a Domain Registrar?

Domain registrars are services that “sell” domain names. You don’t own a domain name when you register it. Instead, you rent it or lease it. This is why you must renew your domain name each year. Before you decide on a domain registrar, you need to be aware of the add-ons.

Difference Between Domain Extensions?

The most common domain extension However, other TLDs There are hundreds of other extensions you can choose from, and they are generally less expensive. Because of their popularity,.io/.co are more popular than ever.

You can’t buy some extensions unless you meet certain criteria. You can’t purchase restricted extensions such All extensions work in the same way. Because it is easy to remember, extension works best.

Tips to Choose a Domain Name

You may not be able to find your business name as because it is so popular. Try one of the many obscure extensions such Modifying your business name is an option if you are determined to get

Let’s say that “ isn’t available”, and then we can try these modifications:

  • Add articles, such as “a” “the” or “an” (,
  • Try adding another word to your domain (,
  • Possibly include a hyphen (,

Disclaimer It is worth noting that many domain registrars in our top 10 list are subsidiaries of Endurance International Group, which includes Bluehost, HostGator and Although they are all part of the same umbrella, it shouldn’t affect your domain registration service. It’s good to know.