Tips to Follow Before you Buy a Domain Name

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It is crucial to choose the best domain name for your website. It is a decision that should be made carefully. The bottom line is that every website owner must make sure they choose the right domain name, preferably before doing anything else especially if the site will be used for a commercial purpose.


I will say it again: Always choose a .com domain wherever possible. This is Exhibit A. The .com domain extension (TLD) is technically not the most popular. Others, .co., .edu and .biz. There are also options such as .shop or .blog. Even though fancy TLDs can be tempting, the best thing is to stick with the .com.

Try out non-Traditional TLDs

As we mentioned in No. You can now get a variety of TLDs that were not available a few years ago. You can purchase domain extensions, as well as .store, blog, .blog You can also experiment with TLDs that were initially intended for local use but can, due to their unique appearance, be used for other purposes. These domain extensions include .is, .io, .fm, .it, and .ly.

Select a brandable name

While we all know branding is essential for long-term success, what makes a domain name brandable and appealing? There are many factors that play into this, but these are the most important:

A brandable name does not have a specific meaning.
It is unique, and your competition uses nothing similar.
It is easy to remember — not too long, no complicated vowel combinations.
It is easy to say and dictate over the telephone.

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Keep it short, simple, and predictable

There are other characteristics that make a domain name a quality one. These are the four main characteristics of a quality domain name:

Short — Preferably with fewer than 15 characters (excluding the TLD).
Simple — No underscores, hyphens, or complicated words in the domain or any other punctuation
Use words only — don’t use numbers unless absolutely necessary (for instance, 9GAG Go Fun The World).
Predictable — No strange spellings

Purchase the Common Misspellings of Your Domain

However, this can increase your annual domain billing even more, so it’s up to you. You’ll be fine if you focus only on the most common misspellings.

Select a domain name that you can legally own

A trademark infringement can be a very serious offense. While I know that most people do not register domain names with the intention to infringe, these things happen occasionally. As a general rule, if you have a great domain name idea and are about to register it you can simply Google the name and browse the first and second pages. You’re trying to find businesses that use the same name as you and operate in a similar niche or market. You will likely need another domain name if you find something.

Way back Machine – Check out the Domain History

Not only is this important, but it is also worth checking if you are registering a domain name that you believe is new. Sometimes, the domain name that you are trying to register might have been registered before but was then taken over by another owner. It is still worth looking at the information. There are several ways to look into the history of a domain name. This is one of the most popular and accessible methods to look up the history of a domain name.

Register your Corresponding Social Media Handles

Social media is key in these modern times, whether we like it or not. An average web-connected person spends an hour per day on Facebook, and Facebook receives 2 billion visits each month. That’s BILLION. My point is that people are more likely to look at what’s happening with your brand via Facebook than they are to visit your website. This is one reason why your professional profile should be set up on the most prominent social media platforms. If possible, use the same handles for your domain name. These handles may be taken, so you can be creative. There are many options available: daily, HQ, and get. My brand might be Lotterio HQ via Twitter.

Compare prices to find the best deal

Although all domain registrars offer the exact same product, they register domain names on your behalf, the pricing can vary. It’s always a good idea for you to compare prices with different domain registrars.

To give you an example: A .co domain extension is a popular choice. You’ll discover that the domain costs you twice as much.

You Can Lock the Domain to Make It Unlockable

Although it might seem strange at first, domain hijacking is more common than you think. Your domain can be stolen by many means, without getting into all the technical details. This involves hacking your password, convincing you to reveal your password via phishing, and other fun methods. Anyone can access your registrar’s account and do whatever they want with your domains. Some domain registrars provide a service that keeps your domain in Registrar Lock status. This prevents unauthorized attempts to transfer domains. This state prevents you from changing your registration information or DNS configuration until you unlock your domain.

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